Chlamydia and Male Fertility Impact on Sperm DNA and Cancer

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Chlamydia and Male Fertility Impact on Sperm DNA and Cancer

Chlamydia and Male Fertility Impact on Sperm DNA and Cancer

Chlamydia and Male Fertility Impact on Sperm DNA and CancerChlamydia and male fertility may not be aware by most of us since chlamydia usually closely related with female fertility. In fact, this sexually transmitted disease is also affecting male fertility. Unluckily, the symptom of this disease usually do not shown so that most of patient do not know that they are already infected. Recent research in Spain is even found out that this disease is damaging the male sperm quality.

The DNA of men with chlamydia is fragmented three times higher than ordinary healthy men. Men that infected with chlamydia often has lower sperm amount. Even the left sperm will have defective shapes in a higher number of them. The last sperm still have to fight to swim well since they have poor motility. Luckily, this kind of sperm problem can be maneged with antibiotic medication. Some research found that medicated male will have around 30 % and mor improvement on their sperm condition.

In the UK itself, people in aged around 18 up to 25 carry bacteria that becoming the main cause of chlamydia infection. Most of them do not aware of the bacteria presence until it is becoming too late. It is simply because most of us think that chlamydia may only resulting female infertility. When they already have difficulties to become fertile then they just start to get some medical examination on chlamydia infection possibility.

Chlamydia and Male Fertility Impact on Sperm DNA and CancerWhen men DNA get damage then the risk of getting cancer becomes higher. It is simply because the pathogen causing mutation in host cell DNA. Chlamydia trachomatis is one of most common sexually transmitted disease that infect more than 90 million people around the world every year. The growth of chlamydia infection commonly get difficult to detect since it may go assymptomatic and persist for years.

Once you get infected with chlamydia then the pathogen will change your cell to make it their home. Your cell will be their host and changing to suit with the pathogen growth and proliferation. Finally, chlamydia will causing a long lasting genetic damage to its host cell. DNA is not only gets damaged but also have wrong response. DNA cannot be repaired since the needed key protein to do repairing process cannot reach the damaging one.

The damage caused by chlamydia bacteria pretty similar with the one that lead into cancer disease. Once healthy cell get infected then the normal and healthy cell cannot be functioned normal. The replication of healthy cell cannot be done and the risk of getting cancer will be higher. Even though it cannot be firmly define that chlamydia leads into cancer but we have to at least being more aware because of the similarity of sign and symptom.

Chlamydia and male fertility effect, how it happen

Chlamydia trachomatis bacterial will infect the urethra and affect male reproductive organs, eye and joints. Usually, the patient will have some skin problem such as rash on penis area and joint pain.  Most of chlamydia patient get this disease by having some unprotected sex or having multiple partner.  Even though this disease commonly showing no symptom but some common sign is also occur such as :

-sting or burning sensation while urinating

-slight discharge from male genital organ

-swollen testicle and scrotum because of the bacteria passing by

Usually, patient with chlamydia will be treated with antibiotics such as azithromycin, erythromycin and tetracycline. Besides that, it will be even better if your partner can be treated along with you to make sure that both of you get the best treatment for chlamydia and male fertility.

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