Can Having Chlamydia while Pregnant Harm Your Baby Health Condition?

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Can Having Chlamydia while Pregnant Harm Your Baby Health Condition?

Can Having Chlamydia while Pregnant Harm Your Baby Health Condition?Can having chlamydia while pregnant harm your baby question commonly become one of women curiosity. In fact, pregnancy is the most precious time for women. However, the worried about having a sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia may ruin all the happy moment during pregnancy. So, who is the one that carries high risk of getting contacted with chlamydia? You are at high risk if you are categorized as sexually active women. Sexual activity without proper protection may raise your risk of having chlamydia from vaginal, oral and even anal sex.

Can Having Chlamydia while Pregnant Harm Your Baby, Fact to Discover

The best prevention of having chlamydia while pregnant has become aware of the cause that may be resulting chlamydia trachomatis infection. In fact, sexually active women that commonly use no condom and having multiple sexual partners are at highest risk. The risk is also high if you ever have the sexually transmitted disease before or having partnered with sexually transmitted infection. Without proper treatment, chlamydia infection may bring risk to the fetus. That is why you better having the first prenatal appointment as prevention.

If you are pregnant and having multiple partners then you are at high risk. Therefore, you will need to get an additional test in the third trimester to make sure that you get proper treatment before the delivery time. Usually, a baby of pregnant women with chlamydia will carry two risks. Those are chlamydia conjunctivitis and chlamydia pneumonia. Not only that, the risk of having preterm delivery is also higher to happen. Clear the infection before the due date is the only effective way to take. Based on that, you better have first and third-trimester screening.

Can Having Chlamydia while Pregnant Harm Your Baby, Diagnose and Treatment

To get best diagnose, you better contacting the healthcare provider and doing the examination in the lab. Usually, the test will need to obtain a sample from the possibly infected area such as your cervix, urethra, anus, and throat. Sometimes, the urine sample is also needed to take the sample. During pregnancy, you can treat chlamydia by taking oral administered antibiotic that considered as a safe medication during pregnancy.

Can Having Chlamydia while Pregnant Harm Your Baby Health Condition?If your condition does not get better after taking the antibiotic prescription for a few days then you better return to the doctor for further examination.Even CDC also suggest pregnant women that have chlamydia to get tested again at 3 weeks and 3 months post-treatment to take care of recurrence infection possibility.

Can Having Chlamydia while Pregnant Harm Your Baby and Needed Prevention

There are some ways to prevent chlamydia. First, avoid any kind of sexual activity. Second, you need to consider about taking a long-term monogamous of marriage. If you are choosing the long-term monogamous marriage then you will need to get tested along with your partner to make sure that both of you is having negative chlamydia result. Safe sex also needs to be your habit. Be sure to be consistent and correctly use a condom. It is simply because condom usage proved to possibly decrease the possibility of getting chlamydia infection around 60%. Doing safer sex can eliminate your worried such as can having chlamydia while pregnant harm your baby.

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