Can Chlamydia cause Infertility in Males. Complete Fact Behind

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Can Chlamydia cause Infertility in Males. Complete Fact Behind

Can Chlamydia cause Infertility in Males, Complete Fact Behind

Can Chlamydia cause Infertility in Males. Complete Fact BehindCan chlamydia cause infertility in males has a real answer. Since chlamydia is often come out without symptom. Men often discover that they have chlamydia when the infection already occurs for some time. Most of us may only associate chlamydia with female infection. In fact, it is also possible to attack men. Not only affecting men health, chlamydia also possible to lead to infertility. It is possible since it can decrease the amount and quality of sperm.

Can chlamydia cause infertility in males, sperm condition

Somehow, the infection will damage the sperm DNA and damage its ability to fertilize the egg. However, the sperm quality will get better after 4 months of antibiotic treatment. Based on the fact above, men below 25 years old is at risk of chlamydia. When men get infected with chlamydia, their sperm condition has triple times of damage. The damage will automatically make sperm hardly fertilize the egg. Not only get difficult to fertilize, damaging sperm quality and quantity because of this infection will also lead to the miscarriage.

Once get infected, men with chlamydia sperm will have reduced concentration and less swimming ability. Unluckily, not so many clinics that also held test for men since most of the known case is only in women. Commonly, antibiotic medication is the one that suggested to treat male infertility. It may work to increase sperm condition but still no clear evidence whether infertility will last for a long time or not. The most important thing is always to encourage men to do the screening test even though there is no symptom appear. It is important since most of contagious STD often comes without any appeared symptom.

Can chlamydia cause infertility in males, preventive suggestion

Can Chlamydia cause Infertility in Males. Complete Fact BehindOne of effective prevention is by avoiding any sexual activity before marriage. By doing it, men can protect themselves from sexually transmitted disease possible infection. Chlamydia itself recognized as one of the most commonly spreading sexually transmitted diseases. Without proper prevention act, a male can lead to some discomfort feeling, the health hazard, and even infertility. If men transferring chlamydia infection into their partner then women may also have the risk of infertility.

When a man infected with Chlamydia trachomatis, they will experience some symptom even though most cases showing no symptom at all. Unusual discharge of penis can be a common symptom to be aware. Do some test immediately once the symptom appears or anytime you suspect that you have the infection. Diagnose will be taken through some urine test or swab sampling. For the treatment, the most doctor will simply prescribe the antibiotic as medication.

Based on the information above, there will be a yes answer when there is a question of can chlamydia cause infertility in males.

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