Brief Description of Chlamydia Symptoms

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Brief Description of Chlamydia Symptoms

Brief Description of Chlamydia Symptoms

Brief Description of Chlamydia SymptomsChlamydia symptoms usually can not be seen. That is why the spreading is so fast since the infected people do not aware that they already infected by the disease. Unluckily, the symptom is hard to find while commonly people who get infected will be easily to cure when they detect earlier about the disease symptom. Usually, the symptom is so mild and it makes infected people become mistakenly recognize it as another type of STD symptom.

Fact about Chlamydia Symptom

When you are infected, you will not feel or see anything. There are many times when the patient may miss understood the sign with another type of disease. Actually, this type of STD caused by bacterial infection can be easily cured with medicine as long as you can find it earlier. Usually, the doctor or health practitioner will provide you with medicine to consume based on your prescription. However, this disease will turn into chronic infection if you do not have proper treatment.

Common Type of Chlamydia Symptom

Even though the symptom of chlamydia is rarely seen but usually it will need several weeks after infection to appear. Common symptom that happen to both women and men patient are painful feeling during intercourse, burning sensation while peeing, and pain in the lower belly area. Women patient may also experience bleeding between period and abnormal discharge of vagina. In the other side, men who have chlamydia infection may have a milky or watery discharge from the penis.

Brief Description of Chlamydia SymptomsNot only what has mentioned above, other sign also may have swollen or tender testicles and painful or bleeding around anus area. Most of us may only know chlamydia as a type of STD that infecting genital area. However, it is not 100 percent true since chlamydia symptom may also attacking another part of your body. Sometimes, the bacteria that becomes source of this disease also infecting your eyes or throat. When it is attacking, your eyes and throat will not be functioned as usual.

Women needs to be more aware with this type of STD disease since it may affecting fertility if left untreated. The risk is getting higher when you are pregnant. The baby inside may get infected by this disease when you have childbirth during the infection. That is the reason why you need to get tested especially when you gave the symptom. You may choose among nurse, doctor or other health care center to get checked. The point is the importance of testing since nobody can be sure whether they are recently having chlamydia symptom or not.

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