Born with Chlamydia Cause and Risk

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Born with Chlamydia Cause

Born with Chlamydia Cause

Born with Chlamydia CauseBorn with Chlamydia can lead into various other complication on newborn such as abnormal eyes and respiratory system. Based on this fact, pregnant women need to receiver proper treatment before delivery to avoid unwanted effect toward the baby. Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria usually will attack 1 up to 3 weeks after initial infection. On this time, you will feel series of symptom like unusual vaginal discharge and burning sensation during urination. Later on, fever, low back pain, abdominal pain and nausea will felt when the bacteria reach the fallopian tubes.

Born with Chlamydia Complication

Unluckily, most of chlamydia patient do not have any easily seen symptom. Without being aware, the infection will be easily spread and lead into pelvic inflammatory disease. This PID will increase your risk of getting series of fertility and pregnancy problem such as ectopic pregnancy, infertile and  premature birth. If the baby can born normally, several common health problem risk still arise. Those possible hazard toward newborn health are eye infection which commonly called as conjunctivitis, swelling on eyelid . This eye problem can be healed with oral antibiotics.

Pneumonia is the next common newborn risk that may happen. Infant pneumonia itself is happen because of bacteria infection in the respiratory tract. Usually, baby that infected with chlamydia bacteria will get pneumonia around 1 up to 3 month since birth. Sign of pneumonia are consist of coughing, rapid breathing and nasal congestion. Without proper treatment with antibiotics then failure of respiratory system can be a serious problem that waiting.

Born with Chlamydia Prevention

Born with Chlamydia CauseWhat you need to do in case of avoiding having your newborn with chlamydia is getting treatment during gestation time. Commonly, doctor will give some antibiotics prescription. Of course, the antibiotics choice is the one that save enough to be consume by pregnant women. Do not forget to also get your partner the same treatment. Hold yourself from any sexual activity during treatment session up to a week after the completion. Beside that, be sure to have another test during pregnancy to make sure that there is no thread of reinfected risk and erase the possibility of having baby born with chlamydia.

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