Best Treatment for Chlamydia List

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Best Treatment for Chlamydia List

Best Treatment for Chlamydia List

Best Treatment for Chlamydia ListBest treatment for chlamydia  is important once you have detected to have chlamydia trachomatis infection. It is even showing better result if your partner of sexual relatinship can take the treatment too. This action needed to avoid further spreading of the bacteria infection. Actually, chlamydia can be cured easily by taking antibiotics. You have to avoid any kind of sexual activity at least 7 days after single dose of antibiotic or 7 days course of antibiotic. It is important to prevent any infection spreading toward your partner. Besides that, keep in mind to finish all the antibiotic prescription to completely cure chlamydia.

Best Treatment for Chlamydia Warning

Do not stop your medication even though you feel better. Moreover, chlamydia medication should not shared with anyone. Even though the infection can be stopped with antibiotic medication but any permanent damage that is already happen can be repaired. If the symptom keep continue even though you already do the treatment for few days then you need to be examined further by your doctor or other health care provider. Furthermore, even though you already healed from chlamydia infection but it doesn’t mean that you cannot get infected again by this bacteria. If your sex partner do not get proper treatment, you are also in high risk condition to get re infected again.

Best Treatment for Chlamydia in Women

Best Treatment for Chlamydia ListBest chlamydia treatment will be needed by women that infected by chlamydia since it may lead into some severe disease. You may get pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Do the test again after 3 months of treatment for initial infection is also important. Not only for single women, pregnant women is also need to do chlamydia test when they are suspecting chlamydia symptom or include into a high risk chlamydia patient with multiple partner or no condoms usage. It is important to do to avoid infection get spread into the baby.

Best treatment for chlamydia possible to gained when you and your partner take the treatment together. When both of you get the treatment then the possibility of infection spreading and recurrence infection can be minimize. Be sure that you will get the screening for chlamydia during the first and third trimester visit. It is important to avoid any complication that caused by chlamydia trachomatis bacteria to the baby inside. Infant that already infected with chlamydia may get conjunctivitis or pneumonia. This condition itself can be healed with antibiotics prescription as best treatment for chlamydia.

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