At Home Chlamydia Test Brief Information

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At Home Chlamydia Test Brief Information

At Home Chlamydia Test Brief Information

At Home Chlamydia Test Brief InformationAt home chlamydia test  is not impossible to happen. Of course, you will need to understand the type of chlamydia test. Basically, the test is used to make sure whether someone is having chlamydia infection or not. The type of test itself is various. Most reliable one is Nucleid Acid Amplification Test. This kind of test is a molecular test to detect the presence of genetic material or DNA of chlamydia trachomatis. Success rate of NAAT itself is about more than 99 percent. NAAT test will be perform by taking urine and vaginal swab.

If you take NAAT chlamydia test through urine sample then you need around 20mL up to 30 mL of your first urine steam. Besides NAAT, chlamydia can be tested through culture sample. Culture is tested since it is where the bacteria grows. Swab cultures can be taken from vaginal swab, rectal swab, pharyngeal swab, endocervical swab and male urethral swab. DFA or direct fluorescent antibody stain and DNA probe are other type that you may take. Unluckily, those last two are rarely take because of its low efficiency.

At home chlamydia test kit

At Home Chlamydia Test Brief InformationOf course, you cannot do the NAAT at home by yourself. You can do the test by yourself by simply buy the sexually transmitted infection test. Usually, men test kit will be completed with urine test tools while women will be a cotton swab. The kit for men will include two plastic bottles with different size. Just try to fill half of the bottle at least. For women, be sure to clean your hand and wash it before taking a sample. Wipe the cotton swab in a gentle movement in the area that might get infected.

At home chlamydia test process

When you are finish to take the sample, move on to write down your personal detail in the label. Send it back to the laboratory with free post envelope. Usually, the result will come out during few days. Do no worry about the confidentiality since no one else can access the result except you. In conclusion, do not afraid to take the test. It is the only way to make sure you get the right result and proper treatment earlier before chlamydia get more complicated and risking your health. If you are not comfortable enough to talk with other people like doctor then you can do at home chlamydia test.

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