10 facts about chlamydia infection

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10 facts about chlamydia infection

10 facts about chlamydia infectionChlamydia is surely one of the most common sexually transmitted disease in United States. This is the reason why more people get curious around the fact of chlamydia. In fact, your risk of getting chlamydia will get higher if you are a king of people that sexually active. It may possible to be cure easily if you know it earlier. However, it may carry serious risk on your health if you left it untreated. Let us start with the first:

Less awareness of people toward chlamydia bacteria infection

Even though consider as one of the most sexually transmitted disease in USA but many people do not aware of chlamydia infection before having serious effect. More of the case get unreported too. Automatically, it makes the risk is getting higher.

Transmitted bacteria is the reason why chlamydia occur

Chlamydia is the result of chlamydia trachomatis bacteria infection that attack the genital track. In women, it will attack the cervix while in men will be the penis area. Not only those area, chlamydia also attack rectum and throat. You may get chlamydia through vaginal, oral or anal sexual intercourse.

Your risk will be higher if you are sexually active young women

Women in ages between 15 up to 24 is the higher risk. However, male or female that tend to sexually active can be infected with chlamydia bacteria. Not only that, men with habit of having oral or anal sex is also carry high risk.

10 facts about chlamydia infection process

Chlamydia infection will be spread from person to person.

Before going further, you need to know the real process of chlamydia bacterial infection. Once you have sexual intercourse with infected person then you can get the infection too. Be sure to note that this infection will not infected you through casual contact, clothing or even contaminated food and water. It is also false that chlamydia infection can spread through using the same towel and toilet seat. In fact, chlamydia trachomatis organism only live in human cells.

Women and men will have different symptom

Men and women who have chlamydia will have different symptom. However, most of the cases in chlamydia will comes up without showing any symptom. This is the main reason why taking some screening test is important to make sure whether you have the chlamydia bacterial infection or not. As one of common symptom, those who have chlamydia will have painful urination. In women, several symptoms such as abdominal pain, cervix smelly discharge and pain during sexual intercourse will be include in 10 facts about chlamydia. Besides that,  bleeding after sex and between period is also commonly occur. While symptoms such as painful testicles and unusual discharge from penis will be common symptom on men.

10 facts about chlamydia infection long term consequences

If you are women, you may have several long term consequences that affect your health life. Those consequences are severe fever and pain, PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) and scar in the reproductive tract. The scar is the one that responsible for the infertility. Men may not have much major health problem like women but there are some cases that may happen to men and women. Those cases are arthritis, painful urination and conjunctivitis.

Newborn baby may have chlamydia

10 facts about chlamydia infectionIt is possible to happen when pregnant women have chlamydia and passes it to the newborn through the birthing process. Finally, the newborn can suffer of pneumonia and eye infection.

List of antibiotic that effective to cure chlamydia

Chlamydia can be cured with antibiotics such as doryx and zithromax. Most of chlamydia cases will be completely healed after a week of antibiotic treatment.

Chlamydia may attack more than once

When other disease may make you immune of the disease once you have it but chlamydia is not like that. Even if you already complete the treatment but you still at risk of getting infected again when you have sexual relationship with someone that infected with chlamydia trichomatis bacteria.

Chlamydia bacteria can be prevented

If you want to reduce your risk of getting chlamydia then you better do some routine screening at doctor. Do not forget to also wear latex condom when doing sexual intercourse. Latex condom can minimize your risk to get chlamydia infection.

After seeing the fact above, you will have better understanding about 10 facts about chlamydia infection.

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