Types of Chlamydia Infection Species

Types of Chlamydia Infection Species

Types of Chlamydia Infection SpeciesTypes of chlamydia infection is important to be known to expand your knowledge and also awareness. Basically, there are three main chlamydia species that causing infection in human. Those are chlamydia trachomatis, chlamydia pneumoniae and chlamydia psitacci. The last two species of chlamydia is the one that causing respiratory infection. Chlamydia trachomatis is the one which can cause urogenital area and eyes infection. In some cases, chlamydia trachomatis is also responsible to causing pneumonia in infants born of infected mother.

When chlamydia trachomatis bacteria infecting eyes, it will form small granules along the conjunctiva that may lead into scar, ulcer and even blindness. As we know, chlamdyia trachomatis is the most common well known that transferring sexually transmitted infection. Usually, people with chlamydia infection will showing common symptom such as inflammation of the urethra.In fact, men and women around 15 up to 25 is the one that commonly infected. Since it comes up without no easy to seen symptom then it will be passed easily between sexual partner.

Types of chlamdyia infection in men, women and child

Chlamydia is the most common sexual transmitted disease in men. If you are a young and sexually active then you are in higher risk than other who do not. Even though most come sup without any symptom but it may lead into anterior urethritis. In women, chlamydia infection occur in the endocervix. Infant can attacked by the infection is the mother is infected. Infection can occur in the infant eyes, nose, lungs and throat. Neonatal conjunctivitis even causing swelling, erythema and discharge. Without proper treatment, the infection will turn into pneumonia.

Types of chlamydia and its risk

Chlamydia trachomatis

Types of Chlamydia Infection SpeciesIf you are commonly doing unprotected sex with a new partner within 3 month with many partner then you will get higher risk of getting chlamdyia infection. Even oral and anal sex can lead into proctitis and pharyngitis. The bacteria infection itself can be transmitted through the birth canal of infected mother. Neonates that infected at birth can get conjunctivitis around 5 up to 13 days later. In adult, ocular infection is transmitted through hand, clothing, droplet and flies that contaminated.

Chlamydia pneumoniae

This type of chlamydia attacking through infected aerosol and then infect the respiratory system.

Chlamydia psitacci

Chlamydia psitacci usually carried by various species of birds and transmitted to people that have contact with the infected birds.

By knowing the information above, you can be more aware and find the right treatment for the types of chlamydia.

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