STD in Men, List of the Common One

STD in Men, List of the Common One

STD in Men, List of the Common OneSTD in men also vary depend on the cause of infection. Similar with sexually transmitted disease in women, men also carry severe risk if the disease left untreated. Of course, you will need to recognize and aware earlier about the disease to get proper treatment and avoid severe threat on your health and reproduction. Here are several types of sexually transmitted disease that commonly attacking men.

STD in Men that Caused by Bacteria


Chlamydia is one type of sexually transmitted disease in men that caused by bacteria. Commonly, it will attacking a sexually active young adult. This type of STD is even considered as the common spread one. Unluckily, it often comes without any clear symptom appeared. However, men usually have urethritis symptom. When a man have chlamydia, they often have infection in the testis and epididymis area. Usually, it can be cured with antibiotics such as azithromycin. Without proper treatment, reinfection may happen.


Similar with chlamydia, gonorrhea is also commonly comes up without showing any clear symptom. Urethritis, burning sensation when urinate and urethra discharge is the common sign of gonorrhea. The cause of gonorrhea is neisseria gonorrhea bacteria. The symptom itself, if comes up will appear around 4 up to 8 days after initial infection. When a man have gonorrhea, they will have infection in the throat and rectum area. Not only that, gonorrhea patient will also have rash and joint pain. Treatment of gonorrhea usually use antibiotic medication such as cefixime.


Syphilis is a kind of sexually transmitted disease in men that caused by treponema pallidum bacteria. Without proper treatment, the ulcer will develop around 0 up to 90 days after initial infection. Actually syphilis can be cured with antibiotic but it will continue into secondary syphilis stage that resulting swollen lymph, skin rash, arthritis, liver and kidney problems. If there is no proper treatment during secondary stage then it will turn into latent infection that last for years.

Latent syphilis infection is called as tertiary syphilis that can creating severe damage on your body. The damage such as brain infection, aortic aneurysm, deafness, loss of sight and development of nodules. However, you do not need to be too much afraid since it can be cured with antibiotic medication. Of course, you will need to held prior consultation with your doctor to find out the proper treatment for you.

STD in Men that Caused by Parasite


It is a kind of sexually transmitted disease that caused by trichomonas vaginalis parasite. Usually, it may comes without any symptom so that the infected patient does not even recognize and aware that they have been infected. However, some symptom may still occur such as itchy, urethritis, burning sensation when urinate and discharge from urethra. Usually, you will be suggested to take antibiotic medication such as metronidazole and tinidazole.

STD in Men that Caused by Virus


HIV or human immunodeficiency virus can spread through sexual contact, share needles or from infected mother toward their baby. Usually, the symptom of infection will be similar with flu and fever illness from 2 up to 4 weeks.

Genital herpes

STD in Men, List of the Common OneGenital herpes can spread through sexual contact. The cause of this sexually transmitted disease is the HSV type 2. Unluckily, it may have no symptom or a very mild one. In men, sores commonly found in penis, scrotum, anus, buttocks, inside urethra and skin of the thighs. It my persist in the entire of your life and possibly outbreak any time. The medication is antiviral medication.

Genital warts

It  may also called as human papillomavirus. In men, there will a lesions with soft, fleshy, raised bumps in anal and penis area that often larger than cauliflower shape. It is often resolves by its own.


Hepatitis B and C is the type of viral disease that transmit through sexual contact. This sexually transmitted disease can create long-term liver damage or liver cancer. Usually, the chosen treatment is interferon and antiviral medication. Unluckily, it has no symptom or getting missed diagnosis with no vaccine available.

Zika virus

Zika associated with birth defect in babies that born from infected mother. The infection itself is caused by infected vector mosquito bites. However, transmission of the zika virus from sexual transmission is also possible. You need to be aware and enhance your knowledge on STD in men.

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