Herbal Treatment for Chlamydia Infection

Herbal Treatment for Chlamydia Infection

Herbal Treatment for ChlamydiaHerbal treatment for chlamydia may not as common as a medical one but still possible to work out. Before having further discussion about herbal medication, you better knowing completely about what is chlamydia. Chlamydia itself is a kind of sexual transmitted disease that causing tissue damage. In some severe cases, chlamydia also damaging female reproductive organ. In the US itself, chlamydia recognized by CDC  as most common bacteria infection that attacking reproductive organ.

Chlamydia that caused by chlamydia trachomatis infection usually have some antibiotic therapy. You are still possible to take herbal medicine to help you in adjunct therapy. However, you better have prior discussion with your doctor before choosing any of herbal medication to treat your chlamydia. Your unhealthy sexual habit such as unsafe sex and having multiple partner will increase your risk of getting chlamydia. Once you got infected, you will feel burning sensation during urinate, rectal pain, abnormal discharge from your penis and vagina.

Herbal treatment for chlamydia, the list of useful one

Not all kind of herbal can be useful to treat chlamydia. There are several thing that proved to be useful such as echinacea, astragalus, red clover, goldenseal and pau d’arco. Each of herbal have their own chracteristics of application. While echinacea and goldenseal should not used in prolonged period then astragalus should not use when you have fever. Echinacea itself can be combined along with other type of chlamydia therapy.

Herbal Treatment for ChlamydiaEchinacea can be good for your immune system and contain tonic. It is even used as blood and lymph cleanser since a long time ago. The useful function of this herbal can decrease the infection susceptibility. In fact, infection easily to attack of having more power when your immune is in low level. Based on that, you need echinacea to help you maintain your body immune system. Automatically, your possibility of having infected or severe effect can be reduced.

Herbal treatment for chlamydia, health complication effect

Chlamydia have several possible complication for your body health. It can be started from urethra inflammation or urethritis in men. Without proper treatment, women get higher risk of infertility effect. That is why, you need to seek for immediate help from doctor when you are suspecting that you have chlamydia symptom. Early diagnose will lead you into early treatment. Finally, you will get the best treatment to prevent severe effect in a short and long term. If you are afraid of some side effect then perfect choice is taking herbal treatment for chlamydia.

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