Chlamydia Test Procedure Complete Step

Chlamydia Test Procedure Complete Step

Chlamydia test procedure, maybe not all of us familiar with this term. However, understanding the procedure itself will bring us more calm and confidence before taking the screening process. Moreover, taking the test is essential to make sure whether we are really get infected by chlamydChlamydia Test Procedure Complete Stepia trachomatis bacteria or not. In fact, screening process is not that painful as you imagine. Usually, it need to take urine or swab sample.

Chlamydia test procedure importance

It is even getting more important to get chlamydia test yearly especially if you are women under 25 that sexually active.  Not only that, women over 25 that has multiple sexual partner will also urge to do the test. If your partner have multiple partner, you are also need to take the test to be safe. Pregnant women is also advised to take the test earlier during the first trimester to make sure whether they have chlamydia or not.The test itself will be taken again in the third trimester.

Pregnant women that do not aware of chlamdyia and get no treatment is not only carry the risk for themselves but also the baby. The born baby with chlamdyia may suffer of pneumonia or eye infection. Chlamydia often appear without any symptom. That is why most cases left untreated properly. Unluckily, even though the medication is easy but left untreated infection may lead into infertility and series of long term health damage.

Chlamydia test procedure preparation

Chlamydia Test Procedure Complete StepUsually, the sample will be take from urine or direct sample from the suspected of infected area. If the test is taking urine sample then you better not urinate for about 2 hours before the sample collected. To gain great result, you should collect urine sample from first part of urine stream as soon as you are urinating. However, the different procedure of preparation will be applied if the test is taken a direct sample.

The direct sample usually will be taken from cervix, vagina, urethra , rectum or eye.  In men, the swab will be inserted in the urethra or rectum opening. For women, a lubricated speculum will be inserted gently in the vagina to apart the vaginal wall. Sample usually will be collected from cervix area by using swab or small brush. Another way to collect sample for chlamydia is by gently brush the upper and lower eyelids with swab to complete chlamydia test procedure.

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