Chlamydia in Eye Symptom Complete Fact

Chlamydia in Eye Symptom Complete Fact

Chlamydia in Eye SymptomChlamydia in eye symptom actually has the same cause as chlamydia trachomatis. It is caused by chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. The eye infection itself well known as trachoma. Even though it may not as popular as chlamydia in general but chlamydia in eye is also widely spread. The WHO itself reported that trachoma attack around 84 million people around the world while 8 million has losing their vision. Based on that, you need to recognize and treat it earlier so that you can prevent vision loss.

Chlamydia in eye symptom, physical eye condition

When you are getting eye infection because of chlmydia trachomatis then your eye may get redness. Redness itself happen both in the white eye area and inside of your eyelid. Not only one side of eye, both of the eye will be affected since most patient tend to rub the itchy eye. The rubbing movement will spread the infection from one eye into another. Swelling eyelid is another physical symptom. In fact, eyelid swelling tend to attack children under ten years old.

Chlamydia in eye symptom, eye discharge and sensation

One of the most common chlamydia trachomatis eye infection is drainage that seems like pus. The frequent buildup and eye discharge drying causing crust and accumulate in your eyelashes. If the crust accumulate during sleep then your eyelids may stick together. Not only that, you may tear down because of the infection irritation during the day. Eyelid and eye surface irritation lead into scratching sensation.

Chlamydia in eye symptom series of effect

Light sensitivity

Light sensitivity or photophobia is the other effect of chlamydia infection in eye area. You may get painful feeling and tearing when getting exposed into bright light.

Chlamydia in Eye SymptomEyelid bump

When you are infected with trachoma, the bump inside your eyelid may formed around seven up to ten days. The bump will grow larger after several week of infection. The bumps itself contain white blood cell collection.

Swollen lymph node

Not only affecting your eye condition, trachoma will also affecting your lymph node. The lymph node in front of the ear may get swollen.

Chlamydia in eye symptom and medication needed

You will need to immediately contacting doctor when you are suspecting that you are infected with trachoma. You need help urgently especially if you are already visit are where trachoma is commonly happen. In fact, there are several rural area in asia, middle east, africa and central america to be aware to avoid chlamydia in eye symptom.

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