Can Condom Prevent Chlamydia Disease?

Can Condom Prevent Chlamydia Disease?

Can Condom Prevent Chlamydia DiseaseCan condom prevent chlamydia  is a question that commonly appear. In fact, the best way to prevent the infection is by practicing safe sex habit. What you need to do to apply safe sex habit can be started by having an open discussion with your partner about your sexual history. Stay with monogamous partner is also an effective way to prevent the chlamydia trachomatis infection. Beside that, you also need to find out about your partner sexual history whether they have any sexual transmitted infection or not.


Can condom prevent chlamydia by couple cooperation

It is even better if both of you can do some previous screen, take the test and then discuss the result together. If the result is one or both of you have sexually transmitted disease then you can talk about the next step to do. If both of you are agree to have sexual contact then you can have the sex by wearing latex or polyurethane condoms. The usage of condoms here need to be apply in any kind of intercourse including vaginal, anal and oral. Use the condom during the whole sexual activity is the best suggestion if someone asking you about can condom prevent chlamydia.

Can condom prevent chlamydia fact

Can Condom Prevent Chlamydia Disease?Sexually transmitted infection is attacking by contacting the infected skin. That is the basic reason why condom usage is important to give needed protection. When you are decided to use condom then you better apply lubricant. It is helpful to decrease the possibility of condom breaking. Just be sure that you choose water based and not oil based lubricant because oil based will make latex becomes weak and easily to tear. If possible, you may wear polyurethane condoms that is more difficult to break than latex material. However, it will cost you more.

Another thing that also need to be aware is the condom usage itself. Be sure that you are more cautious of the condom material before using it. Using condoms that contain nonoxynol-9 or known as spermicide  is not prohibited. It is simply because this material can enhance the chance on you to get infected by HIV virus. Last but not least is doing healthy lifestyle. Stay away from alcohol and drugs before having sex to keep your state of mind stay clear. Without clear mind, you may forget to use condoms correctly or even choose any partner. This is also important point to remember on question can condoms prevent chlamydia.

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