Anal Chlamydia Symptom Complete Warning

Anal Chlamydia Symptom Complete Warning

Anal Chlamydia Symptom Complete WarningAnal chlamydia symptom may not common subject to discuss but it does not mean that its not exist. Even a study found that around 10 % of HIV positive patient had anal chlamydia. Anal chlamydia itself commonly known as rectal chlamydia. Public may know associated chlamydia with women issue since the risk of PID and infertility. However, chlamydia also resulting severe effect on men health. If you are a kind of person who do anal sex with your partner then you are in high risk of getting this type of chlamydia.

Anal chlamydia symptom and safe anal sex

To make sure of your own health, you better do some routine STD screening. The test itself will be vary including swab and urine test. Unluckily, not all doctor will questioning you about you sexual habit on anal sex. This is the reason why anal or rectal chlamydia often lost from screening. You can simply minimize your risk of anal chlamydia by practicing safe anal sex. Safe here means using condoms every time you want to do anal sex. Do not forget to use the proper lubricant along with the condoms.

Anal chlamydia symptom detection

Anal Chlamydia Symptom Complete WarningMost of anal chlamydia cases comes up without any clear symptom. However, you still can be aware through several common symptom that may appear. Those symptom are painful bowel movement, proctitis, rectal pain and even bleeding. If you have severe case such as LGV or lymphogranuloma venereum then you may also have chronic diarrhea. To make sure, you need to take chlamydia test that looking for the bacteria or organism existence. Usually, it will need to swab your anus. Do not worry since it is not that painful since patient can do it by themselves.

Anal chlamydia symptom treatment

Similar with the other type of chlamydia, this type of chlamydia is also treated with antibiotic medication. Doctor or other health practitioner usually will provide you a single dose of azythromycin or 7 days of doxycycline. While other severe anal chlamydia that called as lymphogranuloma venerum will need around 21 days of doxycycline medication. Of course, each patient condition may need different type of treatment. That is why you need to do routine consultation to achieve well treatment for your anal chlamydia.

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