Anal Chlamydia, Definition and Test

Anal Chlamydia, Definition and Test

Anal Chlamydia, Definition and TestAnal chlamydia may sound not familiar but it is really common to happen in chlamydia infection. It commonly happens to men who have sexual intercourse with men even though lesbian and heterosexual sex partner is also carrying the same risk. Similar to common chlamydia, chlamydia in rectal area is also comes without clearly appeared symptoms. It makes it more difficult to be aware unless you held some test to make it clear.

Anal chlamydia risk

Chlamydia in rectal is not only carrying the complication that caused by the infection but also makes you have a risk of getting another kind of sexually transmitted disease. Even your risk of getting HIV is also higher. Once you have unsafe anal sex without any protection then you better get rectal chlamydia test with the rectal swab to the sample. Besides that, it is better if you are taking HIV test to make sure you get infected with HIV or not and getting proper treatment from that.

Anal chlamydia symptom

In many cases, anal chlamydia comes up without certain symptom. However, there is some sign that you better start to aware of. Those symptoms are the pain in the rectal area, bleeding and swelling in the anus, diarrhea, and unusual discharge. If one of the mentioned conditions happens then you better ask for an anal chlamydia test. You may choose to do the test in the lab with doctor help or ordering an online test kit. This kit will check your condition after having unprotected anal sex.

Anal test kit usage

Anal Chlamydia, Definition and TestFirst of all, you need to use the swab to take a sample from your anal area.  Simply placing the swab in urethra opening at the tip of the penis. If you have finished to do it then you can post it on the mentioned laboratory in the test kit. You will get the result around 2 up to 3 working days. Do not worry about the postage service since it is free provided. Here is the procedure for test sample sending:

If you order the test kit before 4 pm then the kit usually will be sent on the same day. Anyway, if your order is received more than 4 pm then it will be sent to you in the next working day. The test kit will be sent according to your chosen service whether it is a standard or next day delivery type. Doing the test on your own maybe can be a comfortable choice for you who do not want to discuss it with your doctor about your suspected of anal chlamydia.

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